AirGuns Challenge

League composed of 4 annual competitions, where the skills of the athletes will be tested in Dynamic Shooting modalities tests (a modality similar to those contested in the USA such as RMAC, Marksman, NRL22 or 22PRS).

Of the 3 qualifying rounds of the year (FAR WEST, SUMMER EDITION, OKTOBERFEST) the “league competitors” will have to attend 2 of the rounds to be classified and be eligible for the FINAL (WINTER X GAMES – END GAMES).

Any participant can attend any of the 4 rounds, without having to participate in The LEAGUE or the final.

Scores: 1 Hit – 1 Point: Whoever gets the most hits in the 2 qualifiers + The Final wins.

Weapons: PCP compressed air rifles, 4th Cat, (powers allowed according to current regulations).

Allowed calibers: 5.5 mm (.22).

Ammunition: Pellet.

Other modalities: Sniper Class, (Precision tests at multi-distance or unknown distances) and Speed ​​Challenge (speed challenges), or Hunter Challenge (Hunting for metals at known or unknown distances), as well as other tests and challenges!!

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Check the regulations and competition rules here

Dynamic Shooting

8 to 10 Stages per competition, each Stage will be resolved as determined by the organization, with a number of shots and time. There will be some metals arranged for each Stage at distances of 25-75m
Example: Stage xx
90 to 120 seconds to perform the exercise
Approx. 10 shots per Stage
Different shooting positions, distances and metal sizes

Prizes for the top 5 finishers in each round and the League Final. Draws among all participants

Check the regulations and competition rules here

Sniper Class

Precision tests at multiple known or unknown distances
The exercise will be performed lying down or in different positions. 5 or 6 metals will be arranged at different distances (25-100m) Known or unknown distances.
A maximum number of shots must be made per metal and distance to be able to move on to the next, all within a maximum time to complete the exercise.
1: metal (25 m) – 1 point x hit (maximum 4 shots)
2: metal (50 m) – 2 points x hit (maximum 4 shots)
3: metal (xx m) – 3 points x hit (maximum 4 shots )
4: metal (xx m) – 4 points x impact (maximum 4 shots)
5: metal (100 m) – 5 points x impact (maximum 4 shots)
Total 20 Shots
Maximum time to execute the exercise 5 to 10 minutes, depending Organization.
The use of distance meters is NOT allowed
There will only be one winner!!

Speed Challenge

Mode of speed challenges, duels.

2 shooters, a structure or battery of metals, whoever manages to knock them down or hit the most metals in the shortest time, wins!

The exercise can be performed on different types of structures or metals, as well as different positions.

It can only be one!!

Hunter Challenge

Shooting Course Modality, the Athlete must move with his team through the terrain to each of the Stages. These Stages will be arranged in a circuit, adapted to the terrain, in each of them there will be one to several metals at known or unknown distances.
The Shooter will have to locate the reported objectives and will have a certain time to carry out the exercise.
Depending on the exercises, distance measuring equipment may or may not be used. (As determined in the competition)
Shots per target (As determined in the competition)
Win. Whoever makes the most impacts


  • The Field
  • A private farm of 40 hectares, located in the province of Gerona. It is enabled as an eventual field for shooting competitions with compressed air rifles. There have been 10 to 12 Stages, which will vary depending on the type of competition.

  • Open Day
  • Open day to learn and practice dynamic shooting with air rifles. Training: shooting fundamentals, shooting positions. Safety rules in competition, league regulations. .
  • Check competition calendar.

Regulations and Rules in competition

  • Safety and competition rules on the field. Check here the Regulations and safety rules in competition.
  • Check the regulations and competition rules here