On December 2, 2023, Winter X Games was held, the last round of the year, a competition with 8 dynamic shooting stages and a round of Speed ​​Challenge finals (duels). which brought together shooters from different disciplines and a high competitive level. Right after the competition, the prize giving and raffles took place, and a meal was held with all attendees, in which we shared experiences of this new type of dynamic shooting with compressed air rifles.

The 5 finalists of the Winter X Games stood out.

In 1st position Fran, with his EPIC Two

In 2nd position Dan with FX Panthera

In 3rd position Xavi, with FX Impact

In 4th position Aleix with FX Panthera and 1st position in the Speed ​​Challenge

In 5th position Marcos, with FX Panthera

Congratulations to the 5 winners of the Marksman Dynamic Shooting modality and 1st position of the Speed ​​Challenge

We also had some raffles for material sponsored by Zasdar https://www.zasdar.com

Thank you to all the participants and we look forward to seeing you at the next event in 2024.

Airguns Challenge